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Kansas City Chiefs Lose to the Baltimore Ravens 38 to 24

The Kansas City Chiefs put together a pretty good effort today against the a more talented Ravens team. Despite losing 38 to 24, there were many positives to take out of this game.

I've got a few thoughts and Joel will have more in just a bit. Use this as the post game thread.

The Good

  • The defense is a shadow of one of the franchise's worst squads last year. They're much improved (despite a lot of what we saw today)
  • WR Mark Bradley reemerged, catching four passes for 73 yards.
  • Ryan Succop nailed a 53-yard field goal
  • No turnovers by the Chiefs
  • Jon McGraw's blocked punt and recover for TD
  • Derrick Johnson's 70-yard INT return.

The Bad

  • The Chiefs defense allowed over 500 yards of offense.
  • A couple of sacks at inopportune times ruined the Chiefs chances to win. 

The Ugly

  • No running game whatsoever by the Chiefs. Less than thirty yards rushing will not get it done.
  • The defense gave up 38 points. That just sucks to see. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. We'll have much more for you later.