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Presenting the First Ever Arrowhead Pride Kansas City Chiefs Podcast


In our continuing efforts to bring you as much Kansas City Chiefs related info that we can, I am happy to present to you the first ever Arrowhead Pride podcast. Or the AP-Odcast as I've dubbed it. We'll see if that sticks.

Joel, the PARADE and Patrick Allen and I got together earlier this week to discuss what was going on in Chiefs nation. Here are a few of the topics we hit upon in the nearly hour-long show:

  • Matt Cassel and injury reports
  • The sad state of the city of Baltimore
  • Offensive expectations
  • The right side of the offensive line
  • Our NFC East murder's row schedule

And more....

This was our first podcast so please give us any feedback that will make this better. It's a stripped down podcast now - no intro music or effects of any sort. We're still deciding on the proper format so please give us all of your ideas.

Click play below to listen to the nearly hour-long podcast.

Enjoy! Click here to download it.