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Nice Timing: Ravens Take a Look at a Former Chief

Ah yes, very interesting timing. 

The Baltimore Ravens worked out former Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Curtis this week according to Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times


Curtis was signed by the Chiefs on April 24th and remained with the club through August 4th.  That means he's probably got a fairly good grip on the offense and, at least philosophically, what the Chiefs are trying to do on offense.

They worked out four other tight ends, obviously a sign that they're looking for help since L.J. Smith is unlikely to play, but Curtis' arrival in Baltimore is curious timing.

It's not a secret that some teams like to pick up a player, who previously played for their upcoming opponent, and hammer whatever they can out of him.  In fact, it just happened last week.

Andre Woodson, recently cut by the New York Giants, was picked up by the Washington Redskins

"You mean, 'Why is he in Washington right now?' " head coach Tom Coughlin asked before laughing. "It's pretty obvious why he's in Washington. There's no question that's what's going on. We'll see what transpires. It works both ways a little bit."

And then Coughlin said he knows what'll happen with Woodson.

"I've been a part of it. I've seen it done," Coughlin said. "The guy doesn't get in the door two seconds and he's in a classroom getting grilled."

Remember Brian De La Puente?  He was cut by the Chiefs and, coincidentally (or not), the Seattle Seahawks picked him up the week they played the Chiefs.

Interesting.  Curtis wasn't a multi-year presence on the Chiefs but he was there for the majority of Todd Haley's tenure thus far.

What do you think?  Is Curtis giving the Ravens the goods?  Does Curtis even know the goods since Haley has taken over as offensive coordinator?