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Chiefs Prepare for Possibility of Life Without Cassel

The Kansas City Chiefs had their first Friday practice of the year this afternoon.  Typically, Fridays consist of a walk-through in preparation for the upcoming opponent.  In today's case, that was the Baltimore Ravens.

If you asked me, it's starting to look like Matt Cassel will indeed be the opening day starter.  Part of it is him practicing all week, however "gingerly" that may be.  The other part is just a gut feeling since this game has to be so huge for him personally.  In yesterday's press conference, it sounded as if it was up to him, he'd be Sunday's starter.

"As long as I am able to walk and get out there I will be ready to go and it is their (trainer's) job to pull me back," Cassel told reporters yesterday in a press conference usually designated for the starting quarterback.

But head coach Todd Haley said they've prepared for the possibility of playing without Cassel, even if they don't know who would play in his place.

"Still not decided. All those (quarterbacks) got reps this week, really, because there are a lot of different scenarios that could go on."

So, if Cassel can't go, who would be the starter?  

 "Comfortable with whoever can bring home the victory, that’s the guy I am most comfortable with."

Brodie Croyle is currently listed as the No. 2 on the depth chart.

Haley did confirm that Cassel will be listed as "questionable" for the game on Sunday.  Check out the entire Q&A att the Mothership.