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Kansas City Chiefs COO Donovan Responds to Ticket Cost Report

Kansas City Chiefs new COO Mark Donovan has responded to a Team Marketing Report survey that calculated the club's average ticket price.

Per TMR, the Chiefs rank 8th in the NFL for highest ticket prices with an average of $80.69.  Donovan says not so fast.

Via Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star, Donovan says the TMR report uses "information from various sources and none of them official. We looked at what numbers they use, and we just did the math with our actuals, and we’re really 16th in the league, which is where we typically are."

Donovan says the average ticket price is actually down about 7% from a year ago due to $25 tickets and an $11 reduction in others.  He maintains that 84% of the Chiefs tickets this season have been lowered or kept at the same price.

Donovan says each report is different in how they calculate average prices after taking into account suites and PSLs.

Covitz says that the TMR report, and the Chiefs rebuttal, has become an annual tradition.

In somewhat related news, he says the Chiefs are looking good for selling out the team's home opener against the Oakland Raiders in two weeks.