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More Injury Talk: Chiefs' Cassel a 'Game Time Decision'

I hope Matt Cassel never goes through another injury and part of it is for selfish reasons.  It seems the only thing we've heard about this week as the Kansas City Chiefs prepare for the Baltimore Ravens is the status of Cassel's injured knee.

Having said that, here's some more information on the status of Matt Cassel's injured knee.  Reporters tried and tried to get an answer out of head coach Todd Haley today but, as usual, he didn't bite.

Q: "How’s Matt Cassel looking today?

HALEY: "Same thing. This is going to be a full week evaluation. I think this is going to be one that will go down to the wire."

Q: But did he make progress from yesterday?

HALEY: "Again, I won’t comment on that. I think this is something that will go down to the wire with the quarterback. On game day we’ll still be trying to figure it out."

Haley later said his philosophy on injuries is that a player has to practice to be able to play.  Well, Cassel's been practicing all week.  How well he's done depends on who you ask.

Echoing his coach, here's what Cassel said in today's press conference:

"It is a decision that will probably go right up to game time. I am working hard, I have been out there each day at practice and I feel like we are making progress every day.

"That is why we have a training staff here. If I wasn’t able to go they would hold me back and that is what their job is. As long as I am able to walk and get out there I will be ready to go and it is their job to pull me back."

It sounds like if Matt Cassel had anything to say about it, he'd be out there.

We'll continue monitoring his status tomorrow and through the weekend but my best guess is that we won't know whether he will be the first quarterback on the field until around 10:30 (CST) Sunday morning.

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