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Ravens QB Joe Flacco Gives Chiefs Bulletin Board Material

We relayed to you earlier today that the Baltimore Ravens "may" have a picture of Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson in the facility because he was the last running to post a 100 yard game against the stout Raven defense.

Well, the Chiefs now have their own bulletin board material.

In comments distributed on the Ravens official site, quarterback Joe Flacco had the following to say:

"I don’t think it’s a good way to begin it. We’re going to come in here and play well and I don’t think they’re really going to want to play us by the end of the game."

The rest of the quote has Flacco going on to say that of course he's going to say that since he's a Raven and the Chiefs are coming in here. But that part was omitted.

Someone with the Chiefs thought enough of the first part of the quote to slap it in the locker room.  Yes, folks, our first bit of bulletin board material.

Larry Johnson responded (via Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star), "It doesn’t bother me because he’s an offensive player," Johnson said. "If I was a defensive player, then yeah, I’d be a little (ticked off). I don’t have to go against him. If I was a (defensive back) or linebacker, that would be something different."

LJ then went on to say that the Chiefs won't fight their battles in the newspapers.