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Your Thursday Matt Cassel Injury Update

Imagine being Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel and having all the attention on you.  All day, every day.  Focusing on a knee.  

Since we're so focused on that knee, and whether it can withstand some heat from the Baltimore Ravens defense on Sunday, let's take a look at what a few practice observers had to say about him today.

As we noted earlier, Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star thought Cassel looked a little off.

Matt Cassel still looks a little gimpy to me. On hurry-up passing drills today, he seemed to run toward the huddle with a limp.

Here's Bob Gretz's take, who notes what appears to be some improvement:

In the quarterback drills, Cassel showed a little more energetic pass drop and plant than previously. In one of the drills, the QB drops three steps, stops, takes a shuffle step or two, and then drops two more steps. It’s a herky-jerky movement for the legs; Cassel did that and appeared to have no difficulties.

Gretz notes that Cassel did no throwing on the run on Monday and Wednesday. He delivered one accurate pass on the run today.

Josh Looney at the Mothership chose to focus less on Cassel's knee and more on his demeanor on the field:

Chiefs QB Matt Cassel’s left knee might be bothering him a bit, but his pride sure isn’t hurt. Cassel was his vocal self today at practice, celebrating a perfect throw during QB net drills. It’s that type of competitiveness during simple drill work that helps fans rest easy, knowing that Cassel will go on Sunday should his body let him.

One reporter says he looks a little gimpy, one says he looks better and the other chose to focus on something other than his knee.

So, basically, we haven't learned much of anything new.  Cassel's status still appears to be up in the air.

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