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Recently Cut Bobby Wade has a Chiefs Connection

Throughout the transition of the Scott Pioli/Todd Haley regime we've found that they tend to hire coaches and players with which they're familiar.  It's something we've called the Chiefs Connection.  A natural human tendency - go with the known, or familiar, over the unknown, or unfamiliar.  

There's one player that was recently released that has the Chiefs Connection.

Bobby Wade, most recently of the Minnesota Vikings, was drafted by the Chicago Bears when there was a man by the name of Todd Haley coaching the receivers.


  • The Chiefs need help at wide receiver.  
  • They've shown a tendency toward veterans.  
  • There's usually not many talented players available at this time.

I'm not going to act like I'm privy to the draft day dealings of the Chicago Bears but I would guess Haley was in on the scouting that went into the Bears ultimately drafting Wade.  He was a fifth round pick back then.  There has to be some familiarity between Haley and Wade.

Does this just make too much sense?  That's before I even get to his numbers, which are respectable, but not great.

He's spent the last two seasons with the Vikings where he caught 54 and 53 receptions for 647 and 645 yards, respectively.

I'm usually not the type to pounce all over every free agent that becomes available and say the Chiefs should grab him.  There's just so many variables that go into a player selecting a team and vice versa.

But Bobby Wade make a lot of sense.

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