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Arrowhead Pride Now in Audio Format

Above is the audio of Joel's interview tonight on Eric Galko's Blog Talk Radio Show (Make sure you check out their NFLscout site NFL House too). I encourage you to listen to the entire show if you can (but Joel comes on around the 45-minute mark). He talks about what we've been talking about around here - the new regime, Larry Johnson, Matt Cassel...It's all there.

I mean, it's like Arrowhead Pride is talking to you. What more could you want? You don't even have to expend the effort of reading.

In all seriousness, Joel repped AP better than anyone ever has on a podcast/radio show. In the dozen or so podcasts I've done, at least half of the questions I was asked I forgot what I was talking about halfway through my response and just ended up saying something about Herm Edwards getting back to the fundamentals of football just to get the hell out of there.

Joel, on the other hand, does a much better job that that.

The subtle references to the locker room atmosphere....the multiple nods back to AP....the humor (yes, the humor)...It's all there for you to enjoy this evening.

And to make this post even more fun, we've got an approval poll tonight on this podcast. Cast your vote below, even if you haven't listened to the podcast. Will Joel break Clark Hunt's 96% approval rating in April 2009? We shall see.