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Chiefs Coach: 'I have to go by what I see, not what I hope'

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley spoke with the media today following this morning's practice and the five roster moves. 

I wanted to specifically highlight the quote in the article because, well, it makes a ton of sense.  Haley talks about being consistent with his message and, as he's said all along, he goes by what he sees.  He did that with Larry Johnson, Brian Waters and any other player that a lot of folks think doesn't fit with the new regime.

Didn't we all hope Amani Toomer would be effective with the Chiefs?  Well, that's not what Haley saw.

Here is the whole response when asked if he enjoys sending a message by manipulating the depth chart:

"No, because my job is for us to win and if there is somebody who’s not practicing or playing the way they need to and I think they can potentially be a good player, I’ve got to go by what I see and not go by what I hope."

Here's another good one on sending messages:

"A consistent message, that’s what I try to send: consistent. Not always the same but consistent. Again, the thing I’ve been stressing to these guys is finding the right 53. We’re going to do it at all costs.

"Every day is an evaluation and if you’re not out there how can we depend on you? If you’re out there and you don’t know what to do, how can we depend on you? It’s coaching and letting them know and being consistent with your response. We treat each player differently, or how he needs or deserves to be treated."

You can watch the video above, read the entire transcript at the Mothership or catch some of the highlights after the jump.

Q: How much talk in these meetings goes into the depth chart and its arrangement and getting that message across?

HALEY: "Every day as a staff we raise the curtain and look at it and talk about it and just massage it a little bit. Who’s paying attention and who’s not and if that correlates into bad practices or not practicing then we’ve got to put guys we can count in there and up there? Again, we’re going to be playing here in not too long for real and we need guys we can count on."

Q: Do you believe there may be some veterans on the team who are waiting for you to take your foot off the gas, so to speak, figuring that you can’t keep this up?

HALEY: "Again, I’m not going to speculate on how people feel. I have on occasion said that I’m not going away. This is me and you’re going to get me every day; you’re not going to wear me out. That’s been tried before. That’s just my personality. It’s just being me and letting them know how I’m going to be."

Q: How are these new responsibilities going to change your week?

HALEY: "It’s going to be busier for sure. I’ve got to be very efficient with my time obviously. I’d like someone to take over my media duties. (laughs) That would make a lot more time available. I’m just trying to be efficient."

Q: So you’ll have to lean on some of your assistants quite a bit?

HALEY: "Which last year, even as a coordinator, I leaned heavily on. I will lean heavily on Coach Muir – a guy with so much experience and game experience to fill this room.

"No different than last year when I leaned on people. I’ll lean on people this year and I don’t think that part will be significantly different. Even as a head coach I’m leaning on guys on defense, on offense helping me make a decision. That’s where staff continuity comes into play. We have to be together and that’s why we meet together, watch tape together, which a lot of staffs don’t do; they break up ‘cause it’s faster. We watch it together because we’re going to be together."