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Have the Chiefs Already Made Their Roster Cuts?

It's looking like it.  From Josh Looney:

A lot of dots can be connected, especially with injuries to Darling and Smith, but until the club makes things official everything is purely speculation.

Josh Looney is right but, with the Chiefs needing to make five roster cuts today, we can connect those dots.

  1. Devard Darling reportedly headed to IR with a torn ACL
  2. Kolby Smith a candidate to start the season on the PUP list
  3. Alfonso Boone reportedly released
  4. Cameron Goldberg did not practice today; no reported injuries
  5. Amani Toomer did not practice today; no reported injuries

As Mr. Looney says, it's all speculation, but the dots appear to be connected.  The biggest surprise there, in my opinion, would be Toomer.  We're still waiting on confirmation from the Chiefs but I count five names up there...

Regarding Boone and Toomer, if they both are indeed released, it's a class move by Haley.  They're both veterans and by cutting them now this gives them a chance to land with another team.  

Keep checking back for confirmation from the Chiefs on some of these moves that we are speculating might happen.