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Chiefs Have Nothing on the Cowboys When it Comes to Rookie Hazing

Rookie hazing is a tradition among NFL training camps.  Players are tied to the goal posts, made to sing their fight songs in front of the team and forced to do other embarrassing acts as part of their initiation to the team.

It's supposed to be fun for the veterans and humiliating for the rookies.

A couple years ago, Chiefs rookie WR Dwayne Bowe was gift wrapped...


Embarrassing, but he'll get over it.  This season, rookie RB Javarris Williams was tied to the goal post.


Again, embarrassing but he'll get over it.

Something a few players won't get over for a few weeks, even months, is what the Cowboys veterans did to their rookies (courtesy of Yahoo).  Check it out, after the jump.

Rookie Greg Isdaner before...


via Yahoo

And the after...


via Yahoo

What's worse, Isdaner's old man cut or Pat McQuistan's, um, whatever this is...


via Yahoo

What would you do if you were hazing the rookies?

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