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Derrick Thomas' Hall of Fame Bust Graces the Stage

derrick thomas hall of fame bust
derrick thomas hall of fame bust

(Note: Click here for all of AP's coverage of Derrick Thomas' enshrinement)

From tonight's broadcast of Derrick Thomas' Hall of Fame Induction....

I'm almost tearing up here...Lots of emotion surrounding every player being inducted tonight.....

Click Continue Reading to see a picture of Derrick Thomas' son Darrion and Carl Peterson unveiling the bust, an emotional Marty Schottenheimer and more after the jump...


Derrion Thomas and Carl Peterson unveil Derrick's bust.


Marty Schottenheimer tears up as Carl Peterson talks about Marty and DT's relationship.


Marcus Allen sat on stage as Carl Peterson presented.


Carl Peterson presents...


Derrick Thomas' mother Edith Morgan and Derrick's family all sat up front at the ceremony.


Neil Smith attended the ceremony as well.


Fans hold up a sign honoring Derrick.


Another view of DT's bust.


One more for you.

More to come tomorrow morning, as well a transcription of Carl Peterson's presentation which was great.

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