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Chiefs Coach Haley on Practicing in the Rain, Defensive Ends

Todd Haley from the August 4th camp practice (via <a href=""></a>)
Todd Haley from the August 4th camp practice (via

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley talked with the media following the first of today's two practices.  He was asked about Tyson Jackson but since this took place earlier in the day when the signing wasn't official, he wouldn't comment.

After the jump, I've gathered a few of the highlights.  You can watch the full video and read the full transcript at the Mothership.

Q: Can you talk a little bit more about tomorrow’s scrimmage, will it all be team drills, will there be full team stuff, or are you going to break it up?

HALEY: "In the morning we have a walk-through where we will polish a bunch of different areas, go over some of these situations that we have been practicing, a situational review. Then in the afternoon we will have some special teams, but it will be a controlled scrimmage where we’ll go different groups against different groups throughout the whole thing. Each group will get about 12 plays each time out there and we will move the field and create different situations for them. It will be as close to the real thing while still being in practice."

Q: How’s (DE Alfonso) Boone doing?

HALEY: "I think Boone’s doing okay. I saw him on the ground a couple of times today, we can’t have that. I think that he’s another guy that got himself in as good of shape as he’s been in in quite a while. He’s paying attention and he’s staying disciplined. Again, I know it sounds like I’m saying the same things, but I do think that most of these position are making progress."

Q: With training camp moving to St. Joseph next year, do you like the aspect of getting away up here or would you rather have it closer to home?

HALEY: "I’ve got five kids so I like the fact of being a little closer, but I do like getting away. It’s what I know, like I said with Dallas we flew to Oxnard, California so you can’t get much further than that. There is something to getting your team away and kind of bonding together as a group. I’ve done it both ways; with the New York Jets we had our camp right at Hofstra where we were staying in dorms, but we were a mile from our house. I think it’s what atmosphere you create makes the camp what it is."

And finally Haley on practicing in the rainy weather...

“We might have to win a game in those conditions that means a lot to this team. Who knows what it is down the road? They aren’t going to cancel a game, they aren’t going to cancel the season, we have got to protect the football no matter what the circumstances are and I think the running is just a reminder to let everybody know that it’s not okay.”

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