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Reports: Chiefs' Contract with Tyson Jackson Not Quite Done

Jackson_medium_mediumUPDATE: FOX 4 KC reports Jackson is on his way to River Falls.  Nick Wright of 610 Sports is also reporting this.

The contract between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tyson Jackson, reportedly to be the biggest in franchise history, isn't quite done yet.  Various media outlets are reporting that while the parameters of a deal are done, some I's need to be dotted and T's need to be crossed.

(Note: We're aware Tyson Jackson's jersey number is 94)

Justin Unell of NBC Action News reports that there was an understanding as of last night but still some minor work to be done.  Unell also says it's unlikely any local media (like 610 Sports who was one of the ones that originally reported the contract) will get information out of Jackson's agent, Eugene Parker.  GM Scott Pioli has told all players and agents involved not to talk to the press.

The National Football Post also reported the signing last night as well.

Bob Gretz chimed in on the Jackson situation this morning:

It’s not that the website and radio station were wrong; it’s just that they may have jumped the gun. The Chiefs do not talk about such things these days, but the premise that there is a framework for an agreement may be true. But the devil is in the details and apparently there remains work to be done on that front between Scott Pioli and Jackson’s agent Eugene Parker.

So, the reports from last night that Tyson Jackson will arrive in River Falls today might be premature.  It appears that a deal will get done in the very near future but maybe not in time for the Chiefs number one pick to make it to practice this afternoon.  That would make 11 misse practices for Jackson.

Why doesn't Jackson head to River Falls and await the final word that the deal is done so he can sign and immediately hop on the field?  

Leverage.  If the team knows the kid is in town, they might play hardball or try to negotiate favorable terms for them because they know he's sitting in a hotel room down the street waiting on a phone call.  He's mentally ready to step onto the field at any minute and he may get anxious waiting on a phone call.  Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk hashes this idea out a little more here.

If Jackson doesn't arrive in River Falls today, then the folks attending Family Fun Day tomorrow will likely get the first look at the Chiefs highest paid player.

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