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KMBC 9 Chiefs Hour Long Special is a Hit

KMBC 9 News ran a Chiefs special last night and let me say, they did an excellent job.  For those that were able to watch, you know what I'm talking about.  Quotes from the team, insight from the Hall of Famer (if you don't know who that is, turn in your Chiefs badge now) and a sit down with the big three: Matt Cassel, Todd Haley and Scott Pioli.

I've saved the notes from the sit down with the big three for a seperate post that will run a little later this morning.  

As I watched the show, I took notes.  So below the fold is what you'll see in the order the show happened.  The quotes are about as accurate as can be and I included all the other miscellaneous bits of info the KMBC 9 sports team included.

Big thanks to KMBC 9 team, The HOFer, Nick Griffith, Karen Kornacki, Mitch Holthus, Kris Ketz and others, for really nailing the definitive offseason review show.

Miscellaneous notes from the KMBC 9 sports team...

  • Larry Johnson is back and appears to be doing well
  • Brian Waters was involved in some drama over the offseason
  • Karen Kornacki picked up Tony Gonzalez's old shoes and asked who was going to fill them. I really hope those weren't really TG's old shoes.
  • Len Dawson and Mitch Holthus both feel that Cassel is the real deal


Talking about Larry Johnson...

Len Dawson

"I do buy into it from what I've seen so far.  There may be something down the road, but right now he's been pleasant, smiling.  But there will be some times when he'll have to handle adversity."

Mitch Holthus 

"I've seen the good and bad LJ and hopefully we're seeing the good LJ.  The Chiefs need him, though."


Mitch Holthus on new media regulations:

"There are changes across the board and for the media, it's changing.  There's not as much access but, hey, I've lived this life before.  This reminds me exactly of when Bill Snyder came to K-State.  It's the same approach.  If the results turn out the same, we'll live with it."


Bernard Pollard on the defense:

"See, that's the thing we can't give you our secrets."

Tank Tyler on the defense:

"I can't show you everything."

Tank Tyler then pulls out a note book and scribbled some basic defensive stuff:

"Here's the line, I can show you the line."

"[Behind me] It's chaos.  They're everywhere. They've moving...  This guy could end up on the line, end up out here, over here. The predator could move in here or move back there."

Who's the predator?

"The predator is Tamba Hali and Turk McBride."


Talking about the defense...

Monty Beisel:

"It's definitely a hybrid.  It's definitely a blend.  We have a lot of different coaches with different philosophies and from different coaching staffs. I think right now we're just trying to figure it out ourselves."

Bernard Pollard:

"You dont know where anything is coming from."

Jarrad Page

"Quarterbacks make decisions without really being sure. They're rushed, they get balls tipped, they overthrow because they're about to be hit.  All those things lead to turnovers."


2009 draft class

  • Tyson Jackson needs to make an impact
  • Alex Magee is making an impression


Donald Washington:

"For me just pressure in the NFL. Be taking it all in and learning as much as I can and hopefully I can have a chance to compete and help the team win."


Mitch Holthus

"Front seven is going to be a whole lot different.  You've either got a veteran coming in or a new guy taking his spot so this will take some time."

Declined to do one "Touchdooowwwnnn Kaaannnssssaaaassssss Ciiiiittttyyyy"


Talking about Chiefs missing River Falls and then onto the new camp site in St. Joe

St. Joe Mayor Ken Shearin:

"The Chiefs are going to bring us a level of dedication we need."

Shearin on Carl Peterson:

"He wouldn't show his face past Kansas City.  This new guy, Scott Pioli, is more like a neighbor than acting like a king."

Bob Moore, Chiefs spokesperson, calls this "...a totally stupid statement."


Len Dawson on Chiefs Super Bowl:

"Kansas City needs another one."


Season ticket sales

In 2005, 72,000 of Arrowhead's 79,000 person capacity were held by season ticket holders.  In 2008 that number was 57,000.  As of now, that number is 50,000.

Chiefs President Denny Thum

"As much as anything, you have to sell them on the belief that we're going to get this organization and this franchise changed and turned in the right direction."


Taking a look at what players are bringing with them to training camp, which isn't much surprisingly...

Tank Tyler's bags:

  • Cologne
  • Hair products
  • Camcorder
  • A very comfortable blanket
  • Has to have a mirror
  • Always takes a picture of he and his mom

Derrick Johnson's bags:

  • Playstation (Madden) "Sometimes, I play against the Chiefs.  Myself in the game usually comes up with a big play."
  • Has a fake pack of gum that is really a shocker...some practical joke
  • Wedding pictures
  • Webcam to see his wife and son


Matt Cassel on practice:

"I love it. I love it.  It's football. That's what we do.  And we know that it's for a limited time but talk about embracing every second. I'd rather do this than anything else in the world.

And that's why I just love working at this and I'm sure you were the same way."

On avoiding household chores because of practice:

Exactly.  My wife tries to get me to work but I go home and I'm like, "Ohh, gosh I'm tired, honey.'

Joking about not knowing hot to fix a toilet:

"'What's that?  Honey, you gotta take care of that I only know a comeback at 16 yards and an out route."

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