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Chiefs Coach Haley: 'I don't understand tweeting'

In case some of you missed it, we did get the update on today's practice session.  Literally as I was hitting publish, Chris was shooting me a text to alert me to the Tyson Jackson signing(Note: dkugler838 got the FanShot up first and we thank him for that.) 

While we await more details on the exact numbers of the new highest paid player in franchise history (third time in the last two years we've said that), here's the video from Todd Haley's press conference following today's practice.  The video comes courtesy of the Mothership, where you can also find the full transcript.

The money quote from Haley is on a subject we've talked a lot about recently: Twitter.

"I haven’t figured out what tweeting is, I really haven’t. I understand texting but I don’t understand tweeting. I know we’re not allowing cell phones anywhere in the building and they’ll be fined if they do."

After the jump, I've got a few more highlights.

Q: What did Scott Pioli tell you about Matt Gutierrez?

HALEY: "He’s a big guy with a big strong arm. He’s an excellent preparation guy. I didn’t know a lot about the guy coming in, but we watched a little bit of him and I think it’s another opportunity to turn the roster and press guys. That’s going to be the way we operate."

Q: How is the center competition between Rudy Niswanger and Eric Ghiaciuc?

HALEY: "I think Brian De La Puente is another guy you have to talk about. We’ve got some other guards that are potential centers. I think Rudy has done a good job to this point and Eric’s doing a good job of getting integrated into a new team. So, I would say that’s another good competition. Like I said, there could be a guy from another position pushing. We’re going to create competition any way we can."

Q: McIntosh and Taylor are both in at right tackle, with McIntosh at one. But both have started. Is that a competition?

HALEY: "Again, I would warn against looking at how we’re practicing and say who’s one. That’s not the way we’re talking and in our staff room we’re constantly putting this guy up today and tomorrow it could be someone else. We’re moving them all through to show them we’re serious about what we’re talking about, that it is a competition. We don’t want anybody feeling real comfortable right now."

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