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New Chiefs QB Matt Gutierrez Gets Jersey #15

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NewChief91 gets ready to attack... (via UW-RF)

I don't know why but there are quite a few folks out there (myself included) that are interested in jersey numbers.

Back when Matt Cassel was signed, there were quite a few of us wondering why it took him over a month to choose a jersey number. On March 30th, an Arrowhead Pride reader found a mini-helmet signed by Matt Cassel being auctioned off. Under the signature was "#7". We posted that information on the site and it's probably no coincidence the next day he was assigned jersey #7.

That said, we've learned, courtesy of Josh Looney at the Mothership, new Chiefs quarterback Matt Gutierrez is wearing #15 in practice.

Practice No. 9 is underway in River Falls as we speak. Stick around as we'll have updates within minutes of the conclusion of practice (Thanks to Twitter and Mr. Looney).

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