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Chiefs' Toomer's One Year Deal Worth $900,000

The newest Kansas City Chief Amani Toomer received a one year deal that will pay him $900,000.  The money works for Toomer and the duration works for the Chiefs.  A good deal from both sides.

The point has been brought up before: If former GM Carl Peterson were still in charge, would we still be on board with the handful of 34, 35 and 36 year olds the Chiefs have signed? 

Peterson was killed in the media for signing big names past their prime.  But, isn't that what current GM Scott Pioli is doing right now?

Sorta.  Peterson was nailed for extending long-term contracts to aging veterans like Ty Law and Damion McIntosh.  Pioli is sticking to one and two year contracts for his veteran signings.  Putting players in a 'prove it' year, or a contract year, gets the most out of their ability as they'll play their you-know-what off in order to secure another contract.

Here's a list of the contracts some of these "aging veterans" have received:

  • Zach Thomas - One year, $1 million
  • Mike Vrabel - One year, $2.2 million (Chiefs inherited contract)
  • Mike Goff - Two years at $1 million and $1.1 million
  • Bobby Engram - One year, $875,000
  • Mike Brown - One year, $900,000
This gets the Chiefs below $30 million in cap room according to the latest salary cap update from Bill Williamson of

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