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Chiefs Settling at Running Back with Johnson, Charles and Battle?


Brian Waters lines up at center (via KC Star)

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star just appeared on 610 Sports talking Chiefs training camp.  Here are a few notes I took.

  • Thinks Sean Ryan might be the starting tight end over Brad Cottam.  Cottam is "not doing himself any favors" by missing practice time.
  • "There's already a comfort level with the coaching staff with Jackie Battle."  Don't make too much of it now, but something to keep an eye on.  Notes special teams ability.
  • "I'm not going to make any judgment on Larry Johnson right now."
  • On Larry Johnson: "Let's see what happens the first time they take him out on 1st down or the game's over and he only has eight carries."
  • They do a lot more situational plays in camp this year than previous years.
  • On Kolby Smith: "I talked to him when camp started and he indicated he was a little ways away.  He's missed time already, and he'll miss more time so probably the best thing to do is just shut him down and let him rehab his knee."
  • "Right now it appears they're settling in at halfback with Johnson, Charles and Battle" but that could change.
  • Dorsey was sucking wind in between plays.  Media talked to him 5 or 10 minutes after practice and he was still breathing hard.
  • Haley is "extremely organized" which is "encouraging to start off with"
  • Turk McBride: "He's learning a new position and he doesn't look like he runs well enough to play that OLB spot.  They've got a guy by the name of Andy Studebaker that appears to be their project there at OLB."
  • On Tyson Jackson needing to be in camp: "We're getting close. If we're talking [about playing in] the first preseason game, then he needs to be here this week."


After the jump, I've got a photo montage of OLB Andy Studebaker laying out RB Jamaal Charles.  He's lucky this wasn't a real game.

QB Brodie Croyle spots RB Jamaal Charles in the flat....


OLB Andy Studebaker sniffs it out....


Wait for it...


Initial contact...




The follow through...


Where am I?


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