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Looking for Possible Chiefs Buy-Low Options

"Out with the old, in with the new."
"One man's trash is another man's treasure."

These two phrases collide in one beautiful season of the NFL during training camp. New draft picks and undrafted free agents (UFAs) come in and older players go out. New schemes, regimes and coaches come in and personnel who no longer fit their criteria are released. Movements up and down each individual depth chart (or even off of it entirely) bring new opportunities for Scott Pioli and company to consider nabbing a possible treasure in what other teams consider their trash.

Thus in the early goings of Training Camp, I offer up a few far-fetched possibilities for the Chiefs to consider grabbing now based on some rumblings from around the league:

QB Matt Leinart - The rumors are that Brian St. Pierre has been promised the opportunity the compete for the primary back-up QB spot for the Arizona Cardinals behind Kurt Warner. This leaves the former USC Trojan and Heisman Trophy winner possibly playing third fiddle. He's a former Top Ten draft pick just sitting on a team that wants to either motivate him or sit him for good. And while the Chiefs just made a major commitment to the top of their QB charts and have a back-up many teams would love to have in Tyler Thigpen, that doesn't mean you simply ignore a buy-low opportunity.

Giants WR Corps - As training camp plays out, there's a slew of young, talented players vying for Plaxico's former spot as the Giants go-to man. Eli Manning will certainly help identify the targets in training camp, but the Giants took two draft picks in Hakeem Nicks and Ramses Barden to go with a list that already had Steve Smith, Sinorice Moss, Mario Manningham, David Tyree and Domenik Hixon. Not saying all of these are starting caliber by any means, but receivers are often good or bad based on the schemes they're in and how they're employed. Perhaps one of these guys could be had near the end of camp when it's clear he's not a good fit on the Giants roster.

LB Zach Diles -
The Houston Texans selected two linebackers in this year's draft, the most celebrated of which was Brian Cushing. Playing a 4-3 only gives them three starters and with Demeco Ryans already in place, that's only starting position open. The promising Xavier Adibi is competing with vets like Chaun Thompson, Cato June and Kevin Bentley. That may leave a guy like K-State's Zach Diles open for trade. Of course, this is pure conjecture, but the talent is there (Diles was second on the team in tackles in only 8 games played). Then again, it might be Adibi who's available instead. But either player comes with very promising potential - Adibi's athleticism and speed to the ball are incredible; Diles feel for the game gives him a great headstart against the opposition.

Again, this is all speculation and there's no reason to think the Chiefs might make these moves. But it's evidence that as tides change back and forth, it's important to keep an eye on how players might be more available now than they ever have before.

It's Game Time.

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