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Say it ain't so, Joe: Posnanski Leaving KC Star for SI?

Joe_posnanski_mediumCiting multiple sources, The Big Lead has reported that columnist Joe Posnanski is leaving the Kansas City Star for a gig with Sports Illustrated


Update: Mr. Posnanski responds via Twitter.

Weird to be tweeted about. Story is mostly true. I'm leaving for SI. But we're staying in KC and I'll still write for Star. Details to folo.


Update #2: Posnanski penned a column in the Star about this subject.


Currently, SI picks up Mr. Posnanski's blog.  In addition to that, he wrote the Zack Greinke cover piece for the magazine a few weeks ago.

As of right now, his last piece for the Star is dated July 19th.

If the Poz's work with the Star is over, or even reduced, then it's a sad day for sports coverage in the Kansas City area.  He is arguably the best sports journalist in the country winning an award given out by the Associated Press Sports Editors for best sports columnist multiple times in recent years.

No, this doesn't have a huge effect on the Chiefs.  I enjoyed reading Mr. Posnanski's pieces on major Chiefs events, like the end of the Peterson regime, or the start of the Pioli regime, but these weren't essential to our Chiefs coverage.  Folks like Kent Babb, Adam Teicher and Jason Whitlock take care of that for us.

It's still an important time to recognize the outstanding sports team at the Kansas City Star.  They're one of, if not the best team in the country having won the coveted triple crown in sports coverage multiple times over the last few years.

Posnanski has been a staple in Kansas City area sports writing since his 1996 debut.  If true, it's a sad day in these parts.

We'll get along, though.  The addition of Kent Babb to the sports team has been, in my opinion, one of the most underrated moves in recent memory.  He, along with the likes of Bill Reiter, Randy Covitz, beat writer Adam Teicher and columnist Jason Whitlock (and others) are a heck of a team and I am proud that they're covering OUR Chiefs.

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