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Who Should the Chiefs Next FA Signing Be?

Fans in the offseason gather around news outlets like teen girls outside the backstage door of the latest pop act - hoping for any signs of life of a signing, free agent visit or bit of news. The recent clamor over Amani Toomer's possible signing (as of this writing) or even a former Patriots special teamer coming aboard raises the hopes and excitement of all.

As camp separates the proverbial men from the boys, we're likely to see cuts both from our team and from other teams. You'll see veteran free agents sign after sitting for months. As injuries occur, we'll fill holes that suddenly appear out of nowhere. So who do you think will be the next player we could/should take a flyer on? What's your best guess as to where Pioli will believe the best help will come from the outside? In order to give some ideas, consider these random flyers to get the conversation started:

CB Chris McAllister - I love the young guys as much as anyone in our secondary and, sure, we've already signed Mike Brown as a veteran presence back there. But Brown's hanging with the safeties and I'm wondering if we couldn't give a boost to the corners by signing a smart, accomplished player like McAllister. I'm not advocating that we depend on McAllister for a major facet of our defense, because he's only played in 14 games the last two seasons combined. But even last year in limited duty (6 games), he had 3 interceptions, showing he still knows how to read a QB and get to the ball at times. And you can never have enough of that.

RB Deuce McAllister -
Might as well sign two McAllisters while you're at it, eh? Seriously, we think of RB as one of our most stocked positions on the field (according to a recent survey here at AP), but think about how volatile it really is. I love the reborn LJ, but let's be honest about the player history there. Kolby Smith is a capable back at times, but he's the Brodie Croyle of the backfield. Jamaal Charles is exciting, but again it's not enough. Think of this: one Charles hamstring tweak and we're suddenly thinner than an eating disorder. Yes, his best days are behind him, but Deuce is only two seasons removed from the thousand yard list and would provide game-savvy depth for minimum veteran signing (with others like Edgerrin James still available, he can't cost that much).

LT Jonas Jennings - Sorry but I'd still love some quality depth on the O-Line to really believe the unit is going to be quality for four quarters. Jennings is certainly past his prime, but he warranted a huge contract from San Fran only a couple seasons ago and he still grades as an "average starter" according to Scouts, Inc. His best asset is above average pass protection and he would buoy a position without much depth in terms of game experience and proven assets.

WR Matt Jones - Yeah, yeah, there are more than a few issues here. Is he mature enough? Will he ever realize the potential of his first round history? And haven't we already enough veteran WR signings in camp? Well, I, for one, could care less about any receiver on the Chiefs roster not named Dwayne Bowe (save for the new vets). I'm good with Engram in the slot. Love Toomer's winning presence. But you could dump the rest and sign all new guys off the street for all I care. What I do see is that Jones found the ball more than ever last year and a second chance away from Jacksonville might elevate last year's stats of 65 grabs and 760+ yards.

What do you all think? Worthy gambles? Needless bodies? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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