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Chiefs RT Damion McIntosh Talks About Training Camp

610 Sports caught up with Kansas City Chiefs RT Damion McIntosh after this past weekend's practice and asked him a few questions about camp, switching to right tackle and about the practice intensity.

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Last year, the position was new to me. It was a lot of adjustments for me. As the year went on, I feel like I've gotten stronger, coming into camp now, I feel a lot more comfortable.

Is too much made of the change - different staffs, different schemes -Is it basically the same for you?

Basically, This is my 10th year. And I've been on teams that had constant change, all the time. It's something your'e used to. If your'e able to pick it up, you'll do well.

Is it a little better to be practicing today [McIntosh didn't practice because he failed the conditioning test]? Didn't look like a lot of fun.

Just following rules. He [Todd Haley] said certain rules so I abide by them. I didn't pass the test so I have to deal with that. I'd rather be practicing, instead of going through that manual labor stuff. I'm on the field now and that's where I'm supposed to be.

As a veteran, an extra day of hitting might not be so bad.

So far. At the same time, they were getting a lot out of them. It's better for me to go through all of that, because of the conditioning.

Having the hypothetical 5 members of the o-line, how important is it to get reps together?

Very important. That way we can get get our calls down, to gel as a group.

What was the hardest part of moving to RT?

Physically getting used to it. It's like being right handed and your'e asked to write with your left. I played LT since I came in the league. For me to flip over, it's a lot of adjustments, technique changes.

The feel of the game, different technique, my body is accustomed to a certain way.

Are you comfortable now at RT?

Last year I got stronger and stronger. I'm fine with it coming in to OTAs and fine with it now.

Practice seems intense.

It's nothing new to us. It's just repetition for us. We've been going over and over this stuff from March to end of June. Repeating, repetition, that's about it.

Listen to the entire interview at 610 Sports.

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