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Agent: Kansas City Chiefs QB Tyler Thigpen Playing with Two Broken Ribs

If the internet breaks today, it's because every one was on Arrowhead Pride.

In the busiest day of Kansas City Chiefs news that I can remember, an ESPN report from Bill Williamson updates us on Chiefs' quarterback injuries.

Except this time, it's Tyler Thigpen, not Matt Cassel, who has been injured. Thigpen apparently broke two ribs in the Chiefs first preseason game against the Houston Texans:

Joel Turner, the agent for Kansas City quarterback Tyler Thigpen, said his client is playing with two broken ribs, which Turner says Thigpen suffered in the first preseason game. Thigpen did not play in the second preseason game, but he did play in the third one, spelling Cassel after he was hurt on the third play of the game against Seattle.

"Tyler is a tough guy," Turner said. "He's fighting through this injury like nothing happened. People just don't know how tough Tyler is."

Well I have to say I guess I didn't know how tough Tyler Thigpen was. This explains his absence in the Chiefs second preseason game.

The rumors of Thigpen's broken ribs were afoot on Arrowhead Pride early this morning. I didn't hear it but apparently a commenter mentioned that Thigpen's agent Joel Turner mentioned something about the broken ribs this morning on 610 Sports Nick Wright's show.

Two broken ribs and you're a quarterback? This changes how I feel about Tyler Thigpen's performance on Saturday. Broken ribs definitely affect how a QB plays and it appears now, with this knowledge, that Thigpen was hurting on Saturday.

What. A. Day.

So, AP readers. Do these broken ribs change how you feel about Tyler Thigpen? Are we a bit more patient with him now?

I know I am. I secretly have to admit that I felt guilty advocating Brodie Croyle over Thigpen to start in place of Matt Cassel (And I hope long time AP commenter and Thigpen fanboy MAWK, now Ridiculous Matt, will forgive me).