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Chiefs Confirm Gailey "Relieved of Duties"; Replacement Coming Soon?

(Ed. Note 10:58 AM: I previously titled this "Chiefs confirm Gailey firing" when, based on the language of the press release, may not be accurate.  The Chiefs said Gailey has been "relieved" of his duties which might point to him sticking around in some sort of reduced role.  When we find further clarification, we'll address it.  Thanks.  -Joel)

The Kansas City Chiefs have confirmed the Pro Football Talk report that offensive coordinator Chan Gailey has been relieved of his duties.  Head coach Todd Haley is expected to address Gailey's departure after practice today.

With the confirmation, this brings up the question: Who will replace Galiey?

To me, there are a couple of options.  Maurice Carthon, who Mike Florio suggested or Haley himself, who has experience (and success) as a coordinator last year in Arizona.  

Florio suggests Carthon and, on the outside looking in, it makes sense.  He's had some friction with players (and fans) in past jobs but he seems to be fitting in well here.  And, what seems to be important around here, he's got the connection to the Chiefs brass.  Take a look at his previous stops after the jump:

Year Team Position
1994-96 New England Patriots Running Backs Coach
1997-2000 New York Jets Running Backs Coach
2001-02 Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator/Running Backs 
2003-04 Dallas Cowboys Offensive Coordinator/Running Backs
2005-06 Cleveland Browns Offensive Coordinator
2007-08 Arizona Cardinals Running Backs Coach

Here is a link to a quick bio and an approval rating we ran when Carthon was hired.

Just last week, Haley was praising Carthon, "To get Maurice Carthon here, who I've been with for a bunch years, he has a huge impact on any team he's around. "

Larry Johnson has cited Carthon on numerous occasions as a reason he's "back on board" with the Chiefs new regime.

So, if it's not Haley, then Maurice Carthon makes a lot of sense as the Chiefs next offensive coordinator.  Either way, Todd Haley will be addressing the situation this afternoon.

It's Game Time.

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