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Report: Kansas City Chiefs Fire Chan Gailey as Coordinator

(Update 10:58 AM: To clarify, the Chiefs press release said Gailey had been relieved of duties as the offensive coordinator. No word on whether he's still with the team.  -Joel)

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is reporting the Kansas City Chiefs have parted ways with offensive coordinator Chan Gailey.

A source within the otherwise impenetrable walls of One Arrowhead Drive advises that the Chiefs have fired this morning offensive coordinator Chan Gailey.

No word yet from anyone else on this and, frankly, it's shocking.  A large part of the credit was given to Gailey for turning nothing into something last season when the Chiefs turned to Tyler Thigpen.  

Gailey was told on late July that he would be handling the playcalling duties instead of head coach and former offensive coordinator Todd Haley.  At the time Haley said, "Chan will call the plays as I see it right now. This is all part of the learning process of trying to get it right. That's where we'll start from, and I would say that's the way we'll go into the season."

This does come as a surprise because many folks across the league thought he was in the upper echelon of coordinators.  We're not quite sure what happened, if anything in particular, that happened to spur the change of thought for Haley.  But Saturday night's pathetic offensive performance likely had a large play in it.

The Chiefs have only scored 10, 13 and 10 points in three preseason games going 0-3.

Mike Florio also first reported (as far as we can tell) the MCL/ankle injury to Matt Cassel and the news that Devard Darling tore an ACL and will be out for the season.  Neither story has been confirmed but it appears Florio has a nice source within the organization.

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