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Lots of Changes to Kansas City Chiefs Latest Depth Chart

Changes, changes and more changes to the Kansas City Chiefs latest unofficial depth chart.  The big changes come on the defensive side of the ball.  The two new Chiefs are added on the offensive side of the ball.

No time for small talk. Here are the changes.  After the jump I've posted the updated QTable.

Tyson Jackson to the first team, Alfonso Boone to the second team

The rookie slides past veteran Alfonso Boone at left defensive end.  Definitely a good thing since he needs all the time he can get.  From my vantage point the last few games, this is well deserved as well.

Demorrio Williams to the first team, Derrick Johnson to the third team

Demorrio Williams racked up 10 tackles in Saturday night's loss to the Seattle Seahawks.  He looked very good taking over for the injured Derrick Johnson.  We're not quite sure what DJ's injury is but he's now been relegated to the third team at inside linebacker. 

I'm assuming this is injury related though, it does make me wonder.  Last week Todd Haley indicated DJ has to "get it going" a little bit. 

Corey Mays to the first team, Zach Thomas to the second team

Zach Thomas has been injured the last several weeks of practice so this is no surprise.  What's interesting though is that you can definitely make a case that Corey Mays won this job and didn't just have it handed to him because of Thomas' injury. 

He's had a great camp.

Jon McGraw to the first team, Jarrad Page to the second team

Jarrad Page was reportedly injured in the Seahawks game so I don't think this one will stick barring the severity of that injury.  That's just my guess.

Page has been one of the bright spots.  There were some early (false) rumors that he was the first to gain his Arrowhead.

New Chiefs

Ikechuku Ndukwe is listed as the fourth right guard.  Andy Alleman is listed as the third center.

In reality, Ndukwe has been seeing time at right tackle.  Alleman has been seeing time at right guard.

R. Price D. Morgan
J. Page M. Brown
J. McGraw B. Pollard
Free Safety Strong Safety
P. Walters C. Smith
T. McBride D. Johnson J. Belcher
A. Studebaker
T. Hali M. Beisel Z. Thomas
M. Vrabel
OLB D. Williams C. Mays OLB
ILB ILB J. Bates
D. Gales D. Washington
L. Fryar
A. Magee D. Lokey B. Greenwood T. Daniels
R. Colclough W. Gilberry T. Tyler A. Boone M. Leggett
B. Carr G. Dorsey R. Edwards
T. Jackson
B. Flowers
Cornerback Def. End Nose Tackle Def. End Cornerback
Wide Receiver Tackle Guard Center Guard Tackle Tight End Wide Receiver
D. Darling B. Albert B. Waters R. Niswanger M. Goff D. McIntosh B. Cottam T. Copper
M. Bradley H. Taylor W. Smith E. Ghiaciuc T. Washington B. Richardson S. Ryan A. Toomer
B. Engram
C. Goldberg D. Harris A. Alleman C. Brown
J. O'Connell D. Bowe
Q. Lawrence I. Ndukwe T. Crabtree T. Johnson
R. Wright Slot Receiver A. Lelie
B. Engram Quarterback
Q. Lawrence Fullback M. Cassel Tailback
R. Wright M. Cox B. Croyle
L. Johnson
J. Collins T. Thigpen
J. Battle

M. Gutierrez
J. Charles KR/PR Punter
Long Snapper Kicker
D. Savage Q. Lawrence D. Colquitt
T. Purdum R. Succop
K. Smith
R. Wright

J. Williams
D. Savage

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