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Report: Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Could Be Out 2-4 Weeks with Injured MCL

Two to four weeks for a strained MCL is what Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports is saying a source within the Kansas City Chiefs organization told him:

Quarterback Matt Cassel (notes) could miss two to four weeks with a strained medial collateral ligament in his right knee, a source within the Kansas City Chiefs organization said.

Cassel, who the Chiefs acquired in a trade with New England this offseason, was hurt Saturday night in an exhibition game against Seattle. The injury is not expected to require surgery because MCL injuries usually heal on their own.

Cole goes on to say that Cassel suffered a less serious ankle injury to go along with the strained MCL.

How much can we trust this report? Josh Looney of the Chiefs says that Cole has a legit report. Via his Twitter feed:

Jason Cole of Yahoo has most reliable source of info to date credits team source with report of Cassel strained mcl out 2 to 4 wk no surgery

If Cassel can't go in Week 1, who gets the nod? Right now, it's Tyler Thigpen says Cole. Suddenly, Thigpen's value to the Chiefs has increased dramatically. Despite his poor play, he's still the more prepared quarterback on the depth chart.

Still, Looney goes on to say that the Chiefs QB competition is still that: a competition.

I do ? Cole's "source" as he also claims Thigpen will take over 4 cassel. I still believe there is plenty of competition 4 chiefs #2 QB

I agree with Looney. Matt Gutierrez has played too well and Tyler Thigpen too poorly to not think there is a healthy competition there. Thigpen may end up starting in place of Cassel but I think that the gap between Thigpen and Gutierrez closed quite a bit on Saturday night. Brodie Croyle is another candidate of course but after this weekend, I'm not sure where he stands.

I want to reiterate on this report that Cole cites a team source for his information and Looney, a Chiefs employee, is backing him up essentially. This info is very solid IMO.

The 2-4 week report meshes up with what we've noticed in other MCL type injuries. Last year, Matt Schaub missed weeks 9-12 with a similar injury. Tavaris Jackson had a mild MCL sprain about a month ago in preseason. It kept him out of action for less than two weeks. Knowshon Moreno, the Denver Broncos first round pick, isn't a definite for week one because of an MCL.

Surgery isn't required but a sprain is a sprain and the only cure is rest. The problem for the Chiefs is that they travel to Baltimore in 14 days for the first game of the regular season. This injury certainly delays the Chiefs' progression on offense until Cassel returns but I feel relieved that the situation isn't worse.

Worse case scenario, Cassel returns for Week 3 at the Philadelphia Eagles. Is that so bad? With the way the offensive line is playing right now, the Chiefs quarterback position isn't exactly the safest spot on the field.

Breathe easy, Chiefs fans. The Matt Cassel era is coming. It's just on hold for the moment.

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