Questionable Decision: With Cassel injured, why was Croyle not given playing time?

Croyle had pretty much locked up the #2 QB position going into last nights game and that, combined with the Chiefs wanting to audition Thigpen to potential trade partners, is believed to be the reason he did not play (Haleys said with 4 QBs, one guy has to be the odd man out and this week it was Croyle).

However, with the guy you think is your franchise QB going down with an obvious knee injury which tends to cause the player to miss at least several weeks at best, wouldn't you want to get your #2 guy in there getting some reps in preperation for the possibility that he would end up having to be your starter at the beginning of the regular season just two weeks away?

I get that they wanted to give Thigpen some playing time since he was injured the week before and because they were working him for a trade, but Thigpen was horrible last night. Jacksonville saw enough to bail out of trading for Thigpen.

So why was Haley and his staff so rigid in sticking with their plans for the night that they could not adjut to Cassels injury and plan for the future by giving Croyle some much needed reps since Thigpen was flopping around like a catfish in a dried up lakebed anyway.

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