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VIDEO: Chiefs Offensive Line Breakdown in Matt Cassel Injury

Video comes courtesy of Mr. Wendler via Chiefs Planet

Update 9:10 PM: Cassel out 2-4 weeks. Head here for more.

It's the preseason.  The Chiefs offensive line has been a work-in-progress for some time.  Damion McIntosh had been working with the second team for a couple of weeks.

Combine all that and you've got a recipe for disaster.  That disaster, by the way, was an awkward fall by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel.

In the video above, you can see there was a breakdown at nearly every spot on the offensive line in the play that resulted in Cassel's knee injury.

Mike Goff pulled, which resulted in center Rudy Niswanger and Damion McIntosh having to double team #92 Brandon Mebane.  The 6'1", 303 pound defensive tackle got a heck of a jump on the snap and was in the backfield before McIntosh could slide over to assist in the double team. 

Brian Waters was unable to get in front of the other defensive tackle, #90 Colin Cole.  The 6'1", 330 pound defensive tackle is the one that first flushed Cassel from the pocket.

From that point, it was over for Cassel.

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