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Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Comments on 8/3 AM Practice

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley had a few minutes with the media following today's morning practice.  Haley said that getting enough sleep isn't as important during training camp.  He's been getting about four to five hours a night.

I grabbed these quotes from the UW-RF staff and Bob Gretz.

Edit: Full transcript and video is up at the mothership.

On today's morning session:

"I thought it went OK. This is the point in training camp where everyone is a little sore, but I thought we pushed through well."

"This is generally when everybody is a little bit sore and everybody is feeling a little bit sorry for themselves, but I thought we pushed through OK," Haley said. "This afternoon will be very telling about how we are doing."

On 5th round pick T Colin Brown:

"He dropped a bunch of weight to give himself a chance to compete, so he probably is feeling a little light and not as strong."

On the defensive line pressure:

 "Whether that is to lead the league in sacks or just create some chaos in the back there, it has to happen, in my opinion, to play the kind of defense we want to play."

On getting enough sleep:

"I was thinking about that this morning. In the summertime if I didn’t get eight hours, I was exhausted, but you get to training camp and for some reason, sleep isn’t as important. You wake up and find a way everyday."

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