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AP Contest: Best Roommates at Chiefs Training Camp?

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Came across a good idea over at ChiefsPlanet the other day and thought we'd pose the same question here as on their message boards for some good fun. The question up for debate: As training camp settles in and players are assigned housing, who would make the best roommates for some of the following Chiefs personnel:

-Matt Cassel
-Larry Johnson
-Brian Waters
-Ryan Succop
-Tyson Jackson

This could be a lot of fun, so the more creative, the better. We'd love to hear your roommate choices and the reasons behind them. And to make this a little fun, we'll throw in an iTunes gift card to the best set of five answers (respondent must give roommates to each player above and the reason why).

The Fine Print: Best means my personal favorite. Sorry it's subjective. But hey, it's free, right?