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Chiefs Connection Continues with Coaching Interns

Courtesy of Bob Gretz this morning, we've learned there are four coaching interns on the field with the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff in the first couple days of training camp.  

The combination of former players and current coaches making up the Chiefs interns are Anthony Pleasant, Richie Anderson, Jamar Cain and Chip Taylor.  Three of the four have obvious connections to the Chiefs coaching staff.

Jason Fabini interned with the team during the June OTAs. It's not currently known if he's still in that capacity.

Click through to learn a little more about each of these men and what their connection is to the Chiefs.

Anthony Pleasant

Fourteen year veteran who ended his career with the New England Patriots in 2003.  He played on the defensive line, both defensive end (in a 3-4) and defensive tackle.  He's appeared in 202 games so experience, particularly in the 3-4, is the biggest thing he has going for him.

Chiefs Connection: Scott Pioli (CLE 92-95, BAL 96, NYJ 98-99), Todd Haley (NYJ 98-99), Pioli (NE 01-03)

Richie Anderson

A 12 year vet who played 10 years with the Jets and ended the 2003 and 2004 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys.  Bill Parcells and Co. drafted him in 2003, which means he's a 'Parcells guy', which means Haley and Pioli are high on him (at least that's been the perception so far).

Chiefs Connection: Scott Pioli (NYJ 97-00), Todd Haley (NYJ 95-00, DAL 04)

Jamar Cain

Currently a defensive line coach at Cal Poly but spent the last three seasons at Missouri State (formerly SMS).  He was the video coordinator and NFL liaison while with the Missouri State Bears.  Previously worked under Frank Solich 

Chiefs Connection: Currently unknown (MO State-NFL liaison?)

Chip Taylor

Currently the defensive backs coach for Valparaiso.

Chiefs Connection: Cardinals intern last year

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