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Three Practices Down for the Chiefs in River Falls

Three full practices and one conditioning test down for the Kansas City Chiefs this Monday morning. Practice continues with a two-a-day today. The team will take the practice field from 9-11 A.M. and from 4:30-6:30 P.M.

So how did the first couple of days of training camp go? As well as they could have if you ask me.

Injuries were minimal - Derrick Johnson tweaked his hamstring during Saturday's first practice. There were a few other guys that had to stop practicing to work with the trainer but nothing serious was reported.

As far as the amount of information we're going to be able to deliver to you about training camp, there is only one word to describe it - ridiculous.

  • Bob Gretz is sending out basically live reports from each practice at CBS Sports.
  • The UW-RF staff is doing their very detailed practice updates as well. These reports are coming out, so far, like an hour to two hours after practice is over. Not as quick as Gretz's reports but the UW-RF reports have a level of detail that isn't matched anywhere else.
  • The River Falls staff is also posting tons of photos from camp. They must be over fifteen hundred photos already this training camp.
  • Chiefs staff member Josh Looney is blogging at the mothership and it's good stuff that is basically live as well.

Looney and others are also on Twitter, which to me is maybe the most interesting place to check for Chiefs info. The more activer Twitterers at Chiefs camp are:

As far as Twitter info, we have all of the Chiefs players we can find on Twitter in a feed in the left sidebar. I've also got tweets from Looney, and I think Kent Babb in there too. It's a good place to check for quick, interesting information.

More on pictures...We're getting a half dozen or so Associated Press shots within hours of practice being over. We'll be posting those as well. Arrowhead Pride commenter CMatthews is at River Falls, snapping pictures. He's posted them in a couple different FanShots and they're absolutely awesome. I'm talking dozens of pictures right from the field. Check 'em out.

To help keep organized, you can always check out our 2009 training camp section for all of the posts tagged for training camp.

To help you get caught up to speed this morning, here are the big links to this past weekend's camp blogging coverage:

And here are our "official" camp practice updates. They have the most info in them about each individual practice. This is the format I think we're going to follow for each practice update. We talked about it and breaking it down like we did in the last couple of updates we think that's the easiest, most organized way to blog about camp without being there.

Let us know you thoughts on the weekend's training camp practices. Football is back. How awesome is this?

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