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Ask Field Gulls Your Last Minute Seahawks Questions

Update:We're starting in 5 minutes. Head to this link to follow. I will update this post with our Q&A after it's done.

We've got an experiment for you this afternoon, Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Since we didn't do an official Q&A with our Seattle Seahawks blogger John over at Field Gulls, we're going to have a Q&A session with him from 4-4:30 PM Central time on Twitter. Basically, it's going to be me and John and whoever else wants to ask us questions responding to each other on Twitter. When we're done, we'll post the Q&A here so you can catch up on the Seahawks before the game.

And of course, sound smarter than everyone else during the game.

This is how you can follow and ask questions:

  • The hashtag for the Q&A is #sbnqa. That means if you want to ask a question or make a comment, make sure you include that #sbnqa in your tweet! That way we can track the responses.
  • To follow our Q&A, I suggest going to a saved search page for the #sbnqa hashtag. Click here to go there.
  • If you're reading this before 4 PM, that click should probably only show me announcing the Q&A. But at 4 PM Central time, if you're on that page, it will say "There are X number of new results. Refresh?"
  • Hit Refresh and the new tweets will come right up and you'll see our conversation.
  • Ask either John or I a question by sending a tweet to @ArrowheadPride or @JohnxMorgan. Make sure you include #sbnqa in your question or comment.

Questions? I will post the Q&A in full right after it's done in this post.  One more time go to this link to follow the conversation. Make sure you hit refresh when it asks you too.

Arrowhead Pride/Field Gulls Q&A on Twitter

Please jump in on the conversation if you wish. See you at 4 PM Central time.

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