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Chiefs QB Thigpen to Jaguars Still Not Dead

We haven't heard anything new in a couple of days but the possibility of this trade occurring isn't dead yet according to Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network.

"The Jacksonville Jaguars remain interested in acquiring Kansas City quarterback Tyler Thigpen, and the Chiefs are certainly open to trading him," according to LaCanfora.  "That mutual interest has not cooled and sources close to the situation maintain this trade could still occur."

LaCanfora was the reporter that originally broke the news on the Chiefs and Jags talking about a deal for Thigpen so it appears he's got the inside track on this story.

"Jacksonville first offered a sixth-round pick for Thigpen, then upped it to a fifth and they remain strong possibilities," LaCanfora reports.

Jaguars quarterback David Garrard took a good hit last week, which raised the eyes of many around Arrowhead Pride.  A few plays later, however, he was back in action.  He finished the game with 171 yards on 17/31 passing for one touchdown and one interception.

LaCanfora cites league sources that say a fourth rounder could be the pick that gets this done if Scott Pioli isn't able to get a third rounder.

Some have suggested that this Saturday's game against the Seahawks, where Thigpen is expected to be the second quarterback in, could be an audition of sorts for not only Jacksonville, but other quarterback-needy teams.

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