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Broncos Suspend Brandon Marshall; Chiefs Fans Laugh (Again)

Wow.  Per Aaron Wilson of National Football Post:

The Denver Broncos have suspended wide receiver Brandon Marshall for conduct detrimental to the team, the team announced in an e-mail a few minutes ago.

The development isn't surprising considering Marshall's bad behavior at practice on Wednesday and how he wasn't at practice Thursday for unexplained reasons.

UpdateESPN reports the suspension is just for the preseason (at this point).

That "bad behavior" can be seen on video at this link.  

Here's what MHR had to say on the 15 word press release by the Broncos:

15 words have never said so much or spoken so loudly. 

The self-destruction of Brandon Marshall, for now, has hit an all-time low.

Instead of practicing with his teammates, Marshall lollygagged around, didn't run with his teammates during drills and punted the football instead of handing it to a team official.  It might be the most childish move I've ever seen an NFL player make.

So, we're laughing again.  Here's where everything started.  We'll just call it 'The Downfall" for short.

March 16th: Denver QB Jay Cutler Requests a trade; Chiefs Fans Laugh

Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler has formally asked to be traded, a request he made Sunday through his agent, Bus Cook.

June 12th: Broncos' Marshall Skips Mandatory Mini-Camp; Chiefs Fans Laugh (Again)

From an MHR commenter:

Thus, I can only conclude that the only thing Brandon Marshall can be thinking is that any outcome is acceptable to him, including a departure from Denver. In fact, a reasonable man might expect this move to end his Denver career. I think Brandon Marshall is a reasonable man.

Wow.  Worst offseason in NFL history?  Seriously.

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