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Sudafed to Blame for Former Chief Vince Redd's Suspension

I can barely count my carbs no less check the ingredients in an over the counter drug.  But I'm not an NFL player.  Vince Redd is (or was), however, and Sudafed is what got him suspended for four games by the NFL.

Per Joe Linta, Redd's agent (via Adam Caplan of Scout):

"If you check the ingredients of Sudafed, it has Ephedra in it. Vince said he took Sudafed around the time of a league administered test, so it was an honest mistake.

I don't think he realized what was in Sudafed, which really is a cold medicine. He looks forward to continuing his career this season."

Honest mistake or not it looks like Sudafed cost Vince Redd the first four games of the NFL season and perhaps a spot on the Chiefs.

Since Redd is "part of the family tree" with Pioli and his former colleagues in New England, it's possible he could return to the Chiefs following his suspension.

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