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Report: Chiefs, Jaguars Talking Trade for QB Tyler Thigpen

Jason LaConfora of the NFL Network cites sources that say the Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars are talking about a potential trade for quarterback Tyler Thigpen.

The hang up, per LaConfora's sources, is the value of Thigpen.  Via his Twitter account:

KC and Jacksonville talking trade, but unable to agree on value of QB Tyler Thigpen, sources said. Chiefs want more than a 5th rounder.

Wow.  Did I say wow?

As far as the value goes, I'm with the Chiefs that he's worth more than a fifth rounder.  Quarterbacks are at a premium so even ones that are 1-10 in career starts have value.


Update 8:56 AM: ESPN (via SportsCenter) is reporting the Chiefs are looking for a third round pick.


The Jaguars make a lot of sense and their name has come up in some of the speculation around here.  David Garrard was tabbed 'the guy' via a $60+ million contract prior to the 2008 season but faith in him has apparently been waning.

Thigpen's role on the 2009 Chiefs (or lack thereof possibly) has been a major dividing point for Chiefs fans.  On the one hand, he brings a unique asset to the game (his legs).  On the other hand, he hasn't demonstrated an ability to lead a traditional, pro-style offense.

Initial thoughts on this?

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