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Todd Haley Comments on New Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley talked to the media following today's practice.

The big news of the day was the arrival of the two new Chiefs' offensive linemen. #60 and #62 were both on the field today.  We'll hear from Haley on how he expects the transition to the Chiefs system will go and we'll also hear from Alleman.

These quotes are coming from Josh Looney and 610 Sports.

First the Q&A with Todd Haley.

On Dwayne Bowe's progression the last couple weeks:

"I think that's prety obvious from all of you that have been out there.  You've seen a progression of Dwayne, from the early days of camp to where he's at now and it's very nice progress.  Is he there?  No.  Does he make plays? Yes.  That's what coaching is about.  Trying to push the right button."

How will the two new players acclimate to the practices?

"I would expect these guys to integrate in fairly quickly," Haley said. "The program’s not going to be a lot different (than Miami). I know a lot of those people down there, lot of those coaches. I know the way the practices go and they’ll get that pretty quick."

On how well the new linemen will transition to the Chiefs offensive line:

"System-wise, terminology a little different but still a lot of same thought process," Haley explained. "I worked with Coach (Dan) Henning for four years, so we think a lot of the same way. Again, some of the terminology will be a little different but these are both smart guys that I think should have a chance to pick it up fairly quickly."

A few words from Andy Alleman.

Andy Alleman talked about the transition to the Chiefs scheme:

"In the NFL most everything is the same," Alleman said.  "It’s the terminology that is different. You call one thing something here and another thing a different name elsewhere. It’s more or less one of those things of picking up on terminology."

"You can kind of conceptionalize things and see the big picture, so it’s just a matter a getting repetition, hearing the play in the huddle and getting guys to do it and watch the tape on it. Just get a little experience on it and it’s not a big deal."

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