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Eagles Pick Up Two More Former Chiefs

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The Philadelphia Eagles have added TE Tony Curtis and LB Curtis Gatewood to their roster.  Curtis, of course, was with the Chiefs for just the 2009 offseason.  Gatewood, however, played in six games for the Chiefs last year.

The Eagles previously added former Chiefs DE Jason Babin.

Three Chiefs in three weeks?  After the last two years, that's wouldn't be my first strategy.

While we're on the subject, here's a complete update on the Chiefs six unrestricted free agents following the 2008 season.

And of course, the Chiefs three restricted free agents (Webb, Niswanger and Page) signed one year offers from the team.  Webb was later cut.

Any chance one of these players turns out to be more than just a reserve player?

H/T tomahawk44 in the FanShots