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Chiefs, Injuries and the Prepared Presence of Todd Haley

Knock on wood with this one.

Two preseason games in, and some things don't look so pretty - namely, the win-loss column. However the Chiefs are scoring "victories" of some type compared to some other clubs when comparing something that matters a lot more than preseason records once the regular season starts: injuries.

Club after club seems affected by a new setback every other day. Yet the Chiefs remain, by and large, quite healthy. There's been no major injury news and while some personnel like Zach Thomas have yet to really make their presence known, it's also not a significant injury that should keep him out. Guys like Thomas are gamers and they know what they have to do when they need to do it.

Perhaps it's sheer luck. Then again, perhaps this is an early testament to the conditioning drills and training intensity of Camp Haley. When you're in better shape, you can withstand the rigors of an NFL game better. When practice is organized, there's a proper structure to avoid careless mishaps. And when the intensity is too strong, you can dial it back if you're better prepared.

My dad told me one time that "the more prepared you are, the more spontaneous you can be." So if Haley has each and every practice carefully detailed, then he can make some changes on the fly when necessary. Thus, when the Chiefs take a practice off or leave a bit early, it's because he's thoughtfully planned out exactly what he wants and needs to see from his players. Thus when he gets it, they've earned a breather.

So while the Panthers figure out what to do about Jon Beason's injury and the Buccaneers try to provide an answer for the loss of Angelo Crowell, the Chiefs get a chance to keep entire units together on field - building chemistry, camaraderie and confidence. And part of me believes we have Todd Haley & Co. to thank for that.

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