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Chiefs Coach Haley Comments on Lack of Arrowheads on Helmets

One media member observed during this morning's practice an Arrowhead on the side of Mike Vrabel's helmet. 

"Must have been a slip," Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said.  When asked when they would get them, Haley responded when players start making the team.  Have any players made it yet?

"Not in my book," Haley said.

Haley spoke with the media following today's practice.  After the jump are a few highlights.  The full transcript and videois at the mothership.

Q: What’s your arrowhead budget for those stickers?

HALEY: "Our budget went up in that area, that’s for sure. The arrowhead thing, I didn’t do it to start any kind of controversy of any kind. It was more of a point of we’re starting from ground zero and we’re going to earn the right to be Kansas City Chiefs."

Q: What are your thoughts on Jamaal Charles through camp and these couple of games?

HALEY: "The thing I’ll say about Jamaal, after a very critical turnover which we cannot have, I put him right back in the game the very next play and handed the ball to him to see where he was at mentally. I would say from that point on Jamaal did some good things: he caught a kickoff, he took it up in there like he was trying to run it, he put his head down on the big third down he caught and took it up the sideline. So, there were some positives, but we can’t be a yo yo team and we can’t have yo yo guys. You’re going to hear me say it over and over but that’s the best analogy I can see. We need to be the same all the time."

Q: Is that trade you made today aimed at fixing that problem?

HALEY: "Nothing is official. When that is we’ll let everybody know. But if something does happen that’s probably what we’re trying to get done. There are physicals and a lot of stuff to be done yet."

Q: How about the right side of the offensive line? Can you comment on Mike Goff and Barry Richardson and what you thought?

HALEY: "I think the offensive line in general I was a little let down about. If there is a game you’re going to get up for it’s against that group. That’s a good defense and specifically a really good defensive front seven. I just expected our guys to get up a little more and take the challenge. Now, a couple of their guys didn’t end up playing but they’re still a pretty good defense without those guys.

"So, just in general I was let down and didn’t think we won the physical side of that match-up early."

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