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Royals Edge Chiefs in Kansas City's Weekend Battle with Minnesota

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In a match up much closer than most of us expected, the Kansas City Royals edged the Kansas City Chiefs in the weekend battle against their Minnesota counterparts. 

Let me rewind a bit to catch you up.

On Friday, the Chiefs were slated to play the Vikings while the Royals were just beginning a three game set with the Twins.  I asked who would score more: The Chiefs in one game agains the Vikings or the Royals combined score over three with the Twins?

Judging by the poll results, a lot of us were wrong.

After three games, the Royals actually edged out the Chiefs.  The team on the other side of the Truman Sports Complex racked up 14 runs in three consecutive losses against the Twins.  The Chiefs, on the other hand, could only score 13 against the Vikings.

The final poll results had 81% of you choosing the Chiefs, 12% picking the Royals and 5% predicted a tie.

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