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Five Chiefs Who Hurt Themselves in Friday's Loss to the Vikings

I already gave you the five Kansas City Chiefs I thought helped themselves following Friday night's loss to the Minnesota Vikings

Below, I've listed my five Chiefs who hurt themselves over the weekend.  I'm sure, plenty of you will disagree so give us your top five in the comments.

Brodie Croyle

After last week's relatively solid performance, Croyle dipped and delivered a below mediocre performance.  5/10 for 41 yards.

He played all of the third quarter and about a minute of the fourth.  In three drives, he drove the Chiefs withing field goal range once.  Of course, he had a couple of bad breaks.  One drive ended with a Jackie Battle fumble and another was drowned out by a penalty.

We're only halfway through the preseason so it's not like Croyle has already won the No. 2 job like many have speculated over the last week.  He should be on a short leash and held to a higher standard because of his past history with injuries.

Jackie Battle and Jamaal Charles

I am clumping these two together because the problem is the same - fumbles.

Though I think each will make the team because they showcase a specific skill set, fumbling the ball I think is one of the quickest ways to Haley's doghouse. 

How often this offseason have we heard the head coach say the Chiefs will be a mentally and physically tough football team? 

Charles wasn't even touched on his fumble and Battle's started the Vikings in field goal range.  Plus, Battle failed to stick it in on the last fourth quarter drive.  Both players had positives in the game but you gotta believe those two are getting ripped by Haley during film review today. 

Larry Johnson

Some might argue with this since he didn't see much action.  And some might point to the offensive line as an additional problem (which it most definitely is).

But LJ rushed the ball eight times for 21 yards.  One attempt went for 16 yards which means, on seven other carries, he accumulated five yards. 

He did a little more blocking than what we've been used to, and that's great to hear, but his primary duty is to rush the ball and he didn't perform consistently.

Again, the offensive line can be pointed at here, and rightfully so, but the responsibility still falls on LJ.

Mike Goff

Did we get fooled? 

Chargers GM A.J. Smith is one of the best in the business and he, along with lots of Chargers fans, didn't think Goff was cutting it.

I never called him the savior to the Chiefs problems on the right side of the line but I definitely looked at him as an upgrade over Adrian Jones.

Maybe I was wrong . Though it's still early and some of the line's success is predicated on continuity and repetition, Goff doesnt' look like the stopgap we all hoped he would be.

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