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Broncos' Orton does his Best Jake Plummer Impersonation

Some of you may not remember this, but I do.

When Jake Plummer was the quarterback of the Denver Broncos he attempted a LHP against the Chiefs.

What's a LHP you ask?  Well, it's the Left-Handed Pass by a right-handed quarterback.  In excellent news for Chiefs fans, I've found a quick video (courtesy of Chiefs Planet) of Kyle Orton doing the same thing last night. 

Yes, an attempted LHP.

"Kyle Orton may not be able to match Cutler mph per mph. And his desperation left-handed throws may only conjure up images of Jake Plummer, not Cutler," writes Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

A commenter over a Denver Broncos forum summed it up nicely: "Great.....I just can't wait to hear what all the sport news radio, television, shows, and news papers are going to do with this one!! FIELD DAY!!

Your Denver Broncos starting quarterback after the jump....

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