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Back in Kansas City, Chiefs' Schedule Still has a Training Camp Feel

The Kansas City Chiefs landed in Kansas City early Saturday but business continues at Arrowhead.

Per Josh Looney at the Mothership, the Chiefs medical staff treated players into the wee hours of the morning.  The coaching staff spent Saturday afternoon breaking down game film as more players were treated.

Today, all players are coming in for a workout and a film session with the coaching staff.  Then, Todd Haley and co. will revert back to what has become standard operating procedure.

“What’s important to know, and what I’ve told the players, is that when we get back to Kansas City we will still be in training camp mode. It will just be a change of venue is all."

Here is next week's schedule, which should look familiar:

Monday: Two-a-day

Tuesday: One-a-day

Wednesday: Two-a-day

Thursday: One-a-day

Friday: Prep for Seattle

Saturday: Seattle game

So, the Chiefs are back in Kansas City, but the schedule remains the same.  The two-a-day, one-a-day schedule was used during the Chiefs three week stay in River Falls, WI.

There won't be much difference, except the heat, Haley said upon breaking camp last Thursday.

“We’ll continue training camp practices next week (in Kansas City) with the two-one-two-one (practice) format (two practices one day, one practice the next) and I think that will be an important stretch for us – this transition to home with the distractions involved that we can’t let affect us.

“Once there, it’ll probably be a little hotter which I think we’ll be good for us. Thought everything worked out great here and now am looking forward to getting back home.”

The following week is a short week as the Chiefs will only have three days to prepare for a Thursday game in St. Louis.

The good park about that is the team will then have ten days until they travel to Baltimore.

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