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Five Chiefs Who Helped Themselves in Friday's Loss to the Vikings

Last week we pointed out five Kansas City Chiefs that helped themselves in the 16-10 loss to the Houston Texans. Matt Cassel was not one of them.

This week, we look at five more Chiefs players who helped themselves in Friday's 17-13 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.  Matt Cassel is one of them.

The Chiefs lost, but I'd say there were more positives to take out of the Vikings game compared to the Texans game.

Five Chiefs who helped themselves below.  Give me your five in the comments.

Matt Cassel

9/14.  99 yards.  One touchdown.

Translate those numbers into a full game and I can say I'd be a happy camper with Cassel's performance.  He played just one half but there are two points of emphasis I walk away with:

  • No three and outs
  • No turnovers

This is the start we wanted.  Efficiency.  Timeliness.  The Bowe connection. 

Color me happy about Cassel's performance.

Matt Gutierrez

Uh-oh.  Gutierrez may not be just some training camp fodder.

He received snaps on two drives 

First drive he drove the Chiefs 20 yards to their own 45 yard line aided by a nine yard pass to Cottam and a seven yard pass to Lawrence. 

He delivered a starter-esque performance in his second drive as a Chief, and the final drive of the game.

Two third down conversions, a seven yard pass to Lawrence and an 11 yard pass to Taurus Johnson, and a pass interference call in the end zone got the Chiefs down to the one yard line.  With a first and goal at the one, two runs and two incomplete passes doomed the Chiefs chances.

But, in the fourth quarter, with the game on the line, Gutierrez put them in position to win.  Sounds a lot like Thigpen last year, doesn't it?  These two might be closer on the depth chart than we think.

Dwayne Bowe

Similarly to last week, he did what he was supposed to do.

Five balls were intended for him.  He caught three of those for 37 yards including a four yard touchdown from Mr. Cassel.  A big physical receiver means Bowe has to be a tough-to-guard red zone target and he showed that on Friday night.

Quinten Lawrence

Like Chris said yesterday, I really had Lawrence pegged as a 'return-only' player.  In two preseason games, especially Friday night, he is beginning to show he can be more than that.

Last week, I included Lawrence in my list of five Chiefs that helped themselves in the loss to the Texans.  I cited a couple key blocks, a Haley favorite, as the biggest reason.

This week, he tied for a team high three receptions for 19 yards and a 16 yard run inside the ten.  Look at the numbers below: Receptions, rushes and returns.  Doesn't that just seem like a Haley guy?

2nd quarter

  • (12:27) 14-Q.Lawrence right end to MIN 7 for 16 yards (41-K.Paymah).

3rd quarter

  • (7:47) 12-B.Croyle pass incomplete short right to 14-Q.Lawrence.

4th quarter

  • (7:47) 15-M.Gutierrez pass short right to 14-Q.Lawrence to KC 46 for 7 yards (44-D.Hall).
  • (6:35) 15-M.Gutierrez pass incomplete short right to 14-Q.Lawrence.
  • (4:02) 5-C.Kluwe punts 38 yards to KC 34, Center-46-C.Loeffler, fair catch by 14-Q.Lawrence.
  • (2:41) (Shotgun) 15-M.Gutierrez pass short right to 14-Q.Lawrence pushed ob at KC 47 for 7 yards (41-K.Paymah).
  • (2:36) (Shotgun) 15-M.Gutierrez pass incomplete short right to 14-Q.Lawrence.
  • (2:32) (Shotgun) 15-M.Gutierrez pass incomplete deep right to 14-Q.Lawrence.
  • (2:00) (Shotgun) 15-M.Gutierrez pass short left to 14-Q.Lawrence to MIN 37 for 5 yards (24-M.Walker).

Chiefs pass rushers

The whole game?  No. In the first quarter? Yes. 

Brett Favre dropped back four times in two possessions.

  • Pass #1: Pressured, hit by Tamba Hali
  • Pass #2: Quick slant, completed for four yars
  • Pass #3: Pocket collapsed around him and incompleted pass
  • Pass #4: Incomplete pass, hit by Corey Mays

 The next possession went for a three and out as well.

Okay, okay.  The second quarter wasn't great.  But, the most important thing, is that the Chiefs showed they could be a dominant defense for a quarter. 

That's the first step to becoming one.

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